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Point of Sale

The POS system for Adobe Commerce gives the advantage to the store owner to manage the Physical store in a fast, simple and effective way. The store owner here can create outlets for each physical store. The outlets here are linked with the sources and all products associated with that source will get synced with the POS outlet. The sales agent can even manage the customer's data here to create a good customer-seller relationship. It even gives the customer the power pay through a split mode which will divide the payment into card and cash. This module can be said as a streamlined way for management of the day to day activities of the physical store. Thus, it can help in the generation of revenue to a higher gradient.


This plugin is powered with proper documentation to make your installation even more simple.

Doc explains all easy to go steps which are required for installation.

Main Features

The admin can create multiple physical outlet for his/her online store.
Separate Panel for sales agent for sales management.
Admin can Print Barcode Slip.
New customer can be added from the Sales agent POS panel.
Offline mode for physical store’s POS panel to work with no internet and poor i ..... Offline mode for physical store’s POS panel to work with no internet and poor internet connection.
Easy real-time synchronization of sales and transactions.
Easy centralized inventory and sales management for the admin.
Barcode readers can be used for adding products to a cart.
The agent can Put the POS in Fullscreen mode.
The Productlist and Categorylist can be Refreshed from the frontend.
Hassle-free payment and checkout process.
Sales agent can hold an order for later check-out processes.

Magento 2

Point of Sale

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